Major Activities at AG

This year, you can book one offsite activity (for an extra $12.50) and enjoy any of the onsite activities.

Offsite activities include:

High Ropes Course

Enjoy heights? Then this is the activity for you – a clip-on high ropes course which will get the adrenalin running!
Session time: 90 minutes
Transport time: 45 minutes each way

Scuba Diving

An introduction to scuba diving session with fully qualified instructors.
It will be held in a local indoor swimming pool, so not so freezy!
Bathers & towel required. Bring wetsuit if you have one. You need to have no history of asthma.
Session time: 90 minutes
Transport time: 15 minutes each way

ATV Rides

An ATV (all terrain vehicle) gives you the opportunity to come for a ride and have some fun on a quad! Adventure and good times abound!

Sea Kayaking

A high energy activity in a safe environment, Sea kayaking gives you the opportunity to experience what it’s like to kayak through the ocean! Come along to enjoy some times on the wave and have some fun!


This activity provides a one hour circuit in the Latrobe State Forest. There is a one hour bus drive to the circuit, and the Scout 4WD Activity Team will provide the excitement of steep hills, deep ruts, lots of dust along a tight winding bush track.

Mountain Bikes

At a professional class mountain bike circuit.
Recommend long sleeves/long pants/solid footwear.
Session time: 150 minutes
Transport time: 45 minutes each way