Offsite Activities at AG

This year, you can book one offsite activity (for an extra $12.50) and enjoy any number of the onsite activities!

Our off site activities for 2023 include:


Brought to you by our wonderful Scout Scuba team! Taking place offsite at the Drouin secondary college.


Brought to you bv our wonderful Scout 4X4 team, experience 4 wheel driving at it’s best in the Labertouche State Forest.

Mountain Biking

From our Scout Cycling team, taking place close by in Officer.


Happening in conjunction with Bass Coast Paintball taking place in West Creek Victoria

Tank Adventure

Provided by Tank Aventures in Toora Victoria

Gumbuya World

Fantastic fun in the sun at Gumbuya world!

High Ropes

Taking place at thge Melbourne Cable Park, have some fun high in the air for some high octane adventure!

Aqua Park

Also provided by the Melbourne Cable park, if high ropes isnt your thing, come along and have some aquatic fun!

White Water

As provided by Paddling Melbourne, white water is one of those classics that just simply cannot be missed! Happening up on the Thompson River in Walhalla!