Rover Attendance Policy

Rovers provide much-needed assistance to Venturer events like Anything Goes.  This policy aims to set out the expectations of the event and requirements for Rovers attending Anything Goes.

Rover Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be actively attending a Rover Crew and participating in Rover activities
  • Hold a current and valid working with children’s card
  • Be a paid up and registered member of the Association

Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Whether the Rover is attending with their Crew or individually
  • Time since finishing Venturers and starting Rovers
  • Skills which may be of use to the event
  • Performance at past events

There are a limited number of positions available for Rovers at Anything Goes and all Rovers must have an allocated role.

If you are unsuccessful in applying for this years AG, we would encourage you to apply in future years and/or to apply to assist with other Venturing events.  The decision of the Coordinator of AG is final.


All adults including Rovers on site are expected to set a good example and follow Scouting and AG rules at all times.  All Rovers are to camp in the Rover/Service Leader camping area, which is separate to the main Venturer Camp area.

Rovers may interact with Venturers in the main activity areas, which include the Baw Baw and Central pavilions along with the canteen areas and activity lawns.  Rovers are not permitted in the Venturer camping area and Venturers are not permitted in the Rover/Service Leader camping area.  The exception to this is if you are carrying out your assigned duties, for example empting bins as part of works and services.  Be VERY CLEAR that is NOT appropriate for Rovers of any age to be socialising with Venturers of any age in tent lines.

Anything Goes has a strict no alcohol policy which applies to EVERYONE on the site.  As such anyone found with alcohol or any other illegal substance or item will be removed from the site with a full report going to Branch and the applicable Region Commissioner.

Rovers and Service Leaders will be assigned shifts to work in various roles including site setup and pull down, canteen, works and services, on site activities, transport (not driving unless over 25), and Jelly Wrestling.  Each shift will typically range between 3 to 4 hours with total work on a day not exceeding 10 hours.


Rovers should expect to have fun at AG, work as a valuable member of the team and will receive clear and concise instructions from their manager.

Rovers and Service Leaders will be provided with meal tickets that will entitle them to free meals from the canteen during the event in appreciation of their assistance during the event.

You will be given suitable rest breaks where you are free to socialise in the activity areas of the camp or the Rover/Service Leader camping area.

You are free to leave the site to attend other commitments like work provided you sign out from the site, and have made this known to us prior to the weekend so that we can structure the roster accordingly.  When returning to the site you must return when the main gates are open which are between 7am and 11pm each day.  You must also return with a blood alcohol reading of zero.


We are confident that Rovers will follow the Scouting and Anything Goes rules however the Anything Goes committee reserves the right to remove any member from the site should the rules be breached.