Rover Information

Anything Goes committee greatly appreciates any assistance Rovers can provide with roles below.

If you want to help out at AG, please apply via the website.

There is no cost for Rovers to attend AG in a service capacity and we provide Rovers with catering from the canteen.

Rover Attendance Policy

ONSITE SAFETY – Rover responsibilities

Roles for rovers

Through the online signup please indicate which roles you would prefer to assist with and your availability if you are not able to attend the whole weekend. As Rovers are adult members of the Scout movement you will be required to camp in a designated area. Anything Goes is also a totally dry site and the consumption of alcohol will not be tolerated.

All work for Rovers in 2023 will be coordinated through our HR Manager – Owyne Zobel and the personnel team. This will ensure greater control over what Rovers are requested to do during the course of the weekend.

Venturer check in

Friday night 5pm-Midnight. Checking Venturers in, scanning ID tags and providing them to youth and adult members as per supplied instructions.

Escorting to campsites

Friday night 5-11pm. Showing Venturers to campsite area and outlining rules.


Various 4 hour shifts are available all weekend helping out in the canteen.

Jelly Wrestling

Sunday 8am – 12 noon. Responsible for set up and pack up of jelly wrestling, including making the ‘jelly’. Budget provided. Must run the event according to our code of conduct.

Site Assistants

Mainly daytime shifts as required. Under the direction of the Works & Services Manager, maintain the site as per OH&S guidelines. This will include emptying rubbish bins, but no cleaning of toilets.

Site Clearance

Sunday 9am-3pm. Involves inspection of camp sites for cleanliness and issuing of release forms for Unit departure.

Activities – Various

Please ask about our specific needs.