Parent Information

Info For Parents

Anything Goes is a fully supervised Venturing event run by Leaders & Rovers in Gippsland each year. The activity offers a range of on and off-site activities.

Anything Goes is a totally alcohol and drug-free event and energy drinks are also banned to reduce welfare issues. Any venturer found to have alcohol or drugs on site will be sent home and their entire unit will also be sent home regardless of the hour or transport arrangements.

The emergency contact number for the weekend will be 0422 066 753


Transport to AG is a pleasant drive down the Princes Highway to Drouin and the Lardner Park site is about 10km off the highway. Alternatively, Vline trains run from Southern Cross Station to Warragul on a regular basis and we can arrange to pick up your Venturer for a small fee from the Warragul train station and drop them back again on Sunday. Prior arrangement at least a week before the event is required for bus planning.

Parents dropping off Venturers are requested to follow the marshalls’ directions on site and to proceed to the designated car parking area. From there your Venturers will need to check in, and once checked in you may begin unloading your car and trailers.


Units/Venturers can leave the site from 1 pm on Sunday as long as they have site clearance.  Shuttle buses will leave the transport tent area at 1 pm on Sunday afternoon.

Note that Venturers wishing to depart before Sunday afternoon will need to submit a passout through the registration system by 11am Saturday.  This will need to be signed by parent/guardian, and our admin team will require a copy of the ID of the person picking them up.