Leader Information

Full information for leaders will be emailed out in the weeks before AG.  In the meantime, we encourage you to register even if you are not going, so you can keep an eye on how many in your unit are signed up.

BBQ trailers are allowed on site this year.

If your unit plans to bring one, please see that the following conditions are adhered to;

1. Either of the following must be satisfied:
a. The wheels will be fully chocked on both sides of each wheel. A brick will not satisfy, a commercial chock must be used on each side of the wheel.
b. The wheels must be off the ground, jacked up by the jacks on each corner of the trailer. Therefore, there is no chance that the trailer can “runaway” for any reason.

2. The following must be stored locally to the trailer:
a. 1 x 1 kg current fire extinguisher must be on hand at all times.
b. 1x 9 kg current fire extinguisher must be on hand at all times.

3) The drawbar must be surrounded by either:
a. Temporary fencing
b. High visibility bollards
Either option is at your cost and not to the cost or detriment of AG.
These are required to provide visible daylight warning of the trailer being there, preventing injuries.

4) If 3)a. cannot be satisfied, and b. is enlivened, the drawbar must be covered either by a doona, or other soft covering to prevent any accidental injuries during the night.
Making this safe is at your cost and not to the cost or detriment of AG.

5) Placement of the trailer is on the site that is assigned to you. In this assignment, we will endeavour to ensure that the given site, is as flat as reasonably possible given other users of the site who have a higher priority for a flat site i.e. special needs access.

6) To use the barbeque trailer at AG, you the user must inform our admin team at admin@anythinggoes.net.au 1 month prior to the event so that we can reasonably accommodate condition 5 on your behalf.

7) If any of the above conditions are not followed by the user(s) of any barbeque trailer, the AG committee reserves all rights to:
a) Make safe, with costs assigned, and/or
b) Move the trailer, either offsite or to a location better suited, and/or
c) Remove and/or ban the trailer from coming to AG over the weekend or in the future , and/or
d) Any other action we the committee deem necessary either on advice from the committee or other such regulatory/ statutory/ contracting bodies.

Thank you for your time and co-operation. We strive to provide a safe event for all, whilst balancing the desire for an equitable solution, we hope to have reached this objective through these guidelines.
Should you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us here.