6 thoughts on “AG2020 Unit Hosting Form”

  1. myself and my mate declan are both signed up for ag and dont have a troup to go with. we know people at brusnwick and swan hill.

  2. It would be fantastic if these forms could be accessed from inside the registration login area.
    We check everything in there & parents often miss the ‘extra’ forms…

  3. hello! I’m James from the Gisborne scouts and an I and a friend would like to come to anything goes but don’t have a leader who wants to come as well I was wondering if Unit Hosting solves this?



    1. Hi James, our apologies we didn’t see this earlier but the form needed to be filled out and emailed directly to admin@anythinggoes.net.au
      I’d recommend contacting that email address directly to see if it was picked up by the admin team or not.

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