Special Activities Permission Form

If you need another copy of the SAPF form, download it below.

SAPF 2018

Early Passout Form

If you’re planning on leaving AG at any time, you’ll need this form in order to leave.

It must be signed by your parents or you if over 18 years old.

Then once you have filled out the form with all information and all signatures, you need to hand the form to Admin on Friday night or Saturday by 11 am at the latest.

This form needs to be filled out if you’re leaving any time earlier than the final parade on Sunday.

One form per person, please.



Major Activities Specialist Forms

If you are doing a major offsite activity, there might be a form that you need to fill in and upload via the registration portal. These forms are also available to download from the registration portal




High Ropes

Unit Hosting Form

Don’t have a Unit to attend with? Well, you’re in luck as you’re able to be hosted by another Unit who is attending AG. You will have to make contact with that Unit and get their Leader to sign this form along with yourself. You’ll have to follow the instructions inside the form in order to be hosted by another Unit.